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February 2, 2012 Published by

By now, most of our agency clients in one way or another are dabbling in social media with their client. So, based on our experience, we’ve come up with a list of five fundamental social media tips to keep in mind when planning or promoting your next campaign.

  1. Always have reference to the most current version of the rules of the space (they are always changing!) and be sure your promotion complies. Facebook’s are currently available here and YouTube’s here.
  2. Ensure that you have well-publicised and comprehensive rules of engagement for your promotion that are agreed to by consumers before participation. These should cover important requirements unique to social media and UGC, including ownership or licence of IP in UGC, licence of brand for use by consumers, content rules, community guidelines and the ability of the brand to remove inappropriate content.
  3. Check whether you need permission from the platform to run the promotion as you intend. Get sign off on the Terms & Conditions at the early stages well before going live.
  4. Ensure that UGC or threads on a social media platform are censored before going live, or at least monitored, for obvious legal infringements or breaches of the rules of engagement of the promotion. Obtain legal advice if unsure.
  5. Have a PR plan ready to go which contemplates how to engage with positive and negative feedback on the platform and be part of the online conversation in a real and responsive way.

Get in touch with us with any questions or for advice pertaining to your specific campaign.

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