Innovation, Technology, Start-ups and Scale-Ups

We’ve developed a streamlined and affordable legal service for the Australian innovation and tech community, for startups, scaleups and any business looking to develop and grow through technology and innovation.

Maybe you’re forging a new path in a new or emerging market. Or maybe you’ve got great new tech to take on an industry behemoth. We get all that. We also get that your time is precious, that money may be tight and that your legal requirements are different to our corporate and other clients. That’s why we’ve developed our custom commercial legal services for Australian startups.

Whether it’s regulatory advice about your unique operating environment, help setting up your company, getting you a great deal with investors, moving you to the USA, hiring a heavyweight employee or negotiating an exit, we have the experience to help you and your startup succeed at all stages in your company’s lifecycle

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Our Commercial and Legal Services for Startups/Scaleups

We provide legal services for startups/scaleups at all stages of your business lifecycle.



Assisting your startup towards proof of concept and providing advice on:

  • Structure and ownership
  • Underlying protection of concept
  • Setting up fundamental business relationships
  • Providing low-cost document templates
  • Document reviews
  • Regulatory environment advice
  • Brand and IP protection and registration(registering trade marks, general IP advice)
  • Register company
  • Terms and conditions and privacy policy for your website


Advice and associated documents relating to:

  • Legal structure, owner relations and brand protection, including shareholder, unitholder and partnership agreements
  • Internal relations including employment agreements, bonus and share schemes, contractor agreements and advice, and workplace policies
  • External relations including client service agreements, IP protection, supplier contracts, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution
  • Commercial advisory and corporate advice
  • Capital raising and investor relations including reviewing VC documents


Commercial, strategic and legal advice and documentation relating to:

  • Preparing your company for exit
  • Sale
  • Buyout
  • Merger
  • Acquisition
  • IPO
  • International expansion
  • Succession
  • Retirement

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