November 10, 2023

Attention Managers and Agents: Are you now a performer representative?

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We’ve previously introduced you to some of the major changes implemented in the new Entertainment Industry Act that came into effect in March 2014. If you used to call yourself an agent or manager, you can substitute your title for ‘performer representative’. Sounds a lot more official, don’t you think?

So what you want to know is: how does this affect me? Basically, if you were an agent or manager your new title as a performer representative means you agree to provide a service for a financial benefit. To be classified as a performer representative, your actions for the performer must include one or more of the following:

  • Seeking or finding work opportunities for the performer
  • Negotiation terms of agreement and conditions of a performance
  • Finalising arrangements for the payment of the performer
  • Negotiating arrangements relating to the attendance of the performer at a performance
  • Administering the agreement between the performer and an entertainment industry hirer
  • Making arrangements for publicity attendances and related publicity responsibilities of the performer

These services have to be provided under two types of Agreements with a performer. The first is a ‘standard agreement’ which involves the representative performing any of the services mentioned above. The second is an ‘entertainment industry managerial agreement’ which requires the representative undertaking additional services for the performer in consideration for further commission.

How much commission you ask? Stay tuned for the next instalment of our blog to find out! Or if you can’t handle the suspense, feel free to contact us.

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