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    Digby Law, headed by principal Stephen Digby, is a leading and highly respected boutique law firm which provides legal, commercial and strategic advice, specialising in the media, arts & entertainment, innovation & technology, and communications & leisure sectors.

    Our Why

    We love the creative process. We are inspired by creative people. We want creative businesses to grow and prosper.

    We are wholly engaged with our clients and committed to their protection, growth and achievement of their goals. We love the creative process. We are inspired by creative people. We want creative businesses to grow and prosper.

    Our What

    We have a very specialised focus, and offer true and deep expertise.

    This focus is a little wider than other media and entertainment firms. Our clients come from the traditional areas of music, film, theatre and television, but also from advertising and communications, fashion, visual arts and design, sports and events, food and hospitality, and talent and celebrity management.

    We also have a deep expertise in dealing with innovations and technology businesses, in their start up, scale-up and ongoing growth, especially in media-tech, and agri-tech sectors.

    Who We Serve

    Arts, Media and Entertainment

    We are one of Australia’s leading arts, media and entertainment law firms. We act for clients in visual art, events and experiences, live performance and theatre, journalism, film, radio and television and have a deep and true appreciation and expertise of all things creative.

    Corporate and Commercial

    Having the right foundations is important for any business to grow and prosper. We can set up and design the most appropriate structure for your business to ensure it is simple, strong and sustainable.

    Intellectual Property and Trade Marks

    We work hard to make sure our clients’ brands and intellectual property is protected on all fronts. We can help with Australian and trade mark applications and registrations, and brand portfolio management and advice.

    Talent, Celebrity and Agency Support

    We liaise with the country’s top talent and creative agencies and managements to negotiate the best deals and arrangements for some of Australia’s most beloved talent and personalities.

    Innovation, Technology and Start-Ups

    We’ve developed an affordable legal service for the Australian innovation and technology community at all stages of the business lifecycle, whether that be concept, growth or exit. We have the experience to help you and your start-up succeed.

    Employment and HR

    Businesses of all sizes struggle to navigate through the maze of employment law and HR issues every day. We take this pressure off and provide clear advice and guidance on all of the processes and documentation required.

    Screen Production Business Affairs and Advisory

    Film and television production is a highly collaborative industry requiring creative, commercial and strategic input from a number of participants across the whole production process, from idea conception to a delivered project. We provide expert business advisory advice, services and support to a wide range of productions across all formats and genres, involving issues related to regulation, insurance, third party contracting and chain of title, financing and funding bodies.

    Our How

    What we do is advise people and businesses whose core, and sometimes sole, assets are the intangible assets of intellectual property rights (IP) – whether these are ideas, creations, their image and brand, technology or innovations.

    The majority of our clients are “right brain” people. Their primary focus is creativity and intuition but their livelihood and commercial success depends on them dealing with logical, analytical and detail-oriented “left brain” thinkers.

    Although we are classic left brain thinkers, we like to think we understand our right brain clients through our temperament, approach and experience.

    By working together, Digby Law hopes to build a bridge between right and left brain thinkers to achieve positive outcomes for all.

    We help our clients to:
    Identify their IP
    Protect and defend their IP
    Assist them to unlock and realise and grow value in their IP

    Our Values


    We are invested in our clients’ businesses and matters and want to help them succeed.


    We enjoy being surrounded by the creativity of our clients and coming up with creative solutions so our clients can move forward.


    We like to stay positive so that seeking legal help isn’t intimidating and win-win outcomes can be achieved for all parties.


    We are proud that our clients perceive us to deliver big-firm quality and expertise without a big-firm price tag, providing value for money and their business.


    We always try to do the right thing every time by our clients, and conduct ourselves professionally and respectfully in negotiations with others.


    We have our clients’ back and love building interpersonal relationships with clients who respect what we do and are grateful for our services.

    Our Team


    Stephen Digby

    Founder and Principal
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    Chantelle Yeung

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    John Gregory

    Consultant – Screen Production and Business Affairs
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    Jessica Lowy

    Administrative Assistant/Paralegal
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    Our Network

    While we like to think of Digby Law as a one-stop shop for our clients, there are some matters that require a bit more teamwork in order to secure desired outcomes. This is when we rely on our network of tried and trusted consultants to bring their expertise, knowledge and top-notch service to the table.